Hemp building
Practical Resources


If you are considering building a hemp home yourself, rather than engaging a builder, there are several books available that will provide you with the highly detailed, practical information about hemp building you will need.

Building With Hemp

by Steve Allin.

Steve is arguably the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable hempcrete builder. Steve is chair of the International Hemp Building association.

The Hempcrete Book

by Alex Sparrow and William Stanwix

Really useful, practical content from British experienced hemp home builders.

Hemp Lime Construction:

A Guide to Building With Hemp Lime Composites

architect Rachel Bevan.

Highly recommended!!


Here’s four of the best / most relevant hempcrete videos:

A French hempcrete home being built. This short video is very informative about hempcrete in general and well produced

Kevin McCloud (British architect Grand Designs UK TV show host) talking about the fact that hempcrete is his preferred building material. He built 42 hempcrete houses in Swindon, UK.

Erkhart construction (Wanaka) talking about hempcrete and featuring the house they built from hempcrete in Wanaka last year. As of writing Erkhart Construction are the only licensed building practitioners who are building homes from hemp.

Excellent Aljazeera video featuring the whole cycle from planting hemp in the ground through to constructing a commercial building through the use of pre  fabricated hempcrete panels.

Living Big in A Tiny Home series – features an Australian hempcrete house.